A new friend

Precies een week geleden stelde ik jullie voor aan Nightclub karakter Mary door middel van de song ‘Call for the Sunlight’ (Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2qDMuIs). Ik scheurde een pagina uit haar dagboek, lees met me mee:


‘Dear diary… After everything I’ve lost, I gained a new friend yesterday. His name is Jack. Like every other night I was sitting in the cold, but suddenly he approached me. He asked me if I was hungry. I nodded and he took me under his wing. Sitting at the dining table in the ballroom of his Nightclub, we talked about hope and inner peace. I could even stay in a room there to sleep in a real bed. Maybe there’s something off about this guy, but it’s the kindest thing anyone has done for me in a long time.’



Jan Terlouw Junior

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